August 2010

We have become so used to government solving our problems for us that we are waiting for the government to solve the economic problem and the unemployment problem. 

The economic problem is the unemployment problem.  Fix the unemployment problem and a great deal of the economic problem will fix.  The bulk of the unemployment problem would be better fixed by private industry. 

It is time this nation came together to put people back to work.  We need to forget that we are Republican or Democrat; we need to forget that we are Conservative or Liberal.

We are not addressing anything that would fix the remainder of the economic problem on this page.

  • Organizations need grants from the government and foundations to complete research, gather data, move a cause forward. 
  •  Grant proposals serve the same purposes as business plans for the Non-Profit community. 
  • Before you request grant funds, you must be a non-profit organization. 

 You will not be able to entice the foundations, government departments to fund your organization without a well thought out and responsible grant proposal.

  The grant proposal is what is going to convince anyone to give to your organization. 

 Some Things To Consider About Bizchoice2001:

  •  We are registered with CCR for government grants.
  • We can assist with a Small Business Loan. 
  • We can help you navigate the foundation application process.
  • We can manage a calendar process to assure that funds will be received yearly.  Foundations want to know your organization is not going to come back time and time again.
  • We can establish a website for your organization that will attract individual donors.