• Organizations need grants from the government and foundations to complete research, gather data, move a cause forward. 
  •  Grant proposals serve the same purposes as business plans for the Non-Profit community. 
  • Before you request grant funds, you must be a non-profit organization. 

 You will not be able to entice the foundations, government departments to fund your organization without a well thought out and responsible grant proposal.

  The grant proposal is what is going to convince anyone to give to your organization. 

 Some Things To Consider About Bizchoice2001:

  •  We are registered with CCR for government grants.
  • We can assist with a Small Business Loan. 
  • We can help you navigate the foundation application process.
  • We can manage a calendar process to assure that funds will be received yearly.  Foundations want to know your organization is not going to come back time and time again.
  • We can establish a website for your organization that will attract individual donors.