October 2010

The second biggest reason businesses fail is that they begin under capitalized.  If you are not independently wealthy, have independently wealthy family or friends, you are probably struggling in this economy. 

If you are needing a cash infusion, you need a business plan first.  Whether you are going to go to your bank, the government or investors, they are going to ask you for a business plan.

There are three main reasons you should not write this yourself. 

1.  YOU need to be able to sell the financial stability of your plan to the lenders or investors. 

  • WE find the strong points and emphasize them, WE find the weak points and explain effectively, how YOU will deal with them.

 2.  YOU need to be able to sell what makes YOUR company different and unique from YOUR competitors

  • WE determine what niche, you can fill that your competition doesn’t.  WE design the marketing to that niche.

 3.   YOU need to be able to sell YOU!

  •  WE are better at blowing YOUR horn that YOU are!

The first of the two most common reasons Small Business owners fail is that they try to wear too many hats. 

When you worked for the large company you didn’t realize the work that was done by the CFO and their staff – all that accounting stuff that you hate doing after working all day!

When you worked for the large company you didn’t realize the work that was done by the COO and their staff – all that Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Stuff!  All the training of people that you hire! 

Our outsourcing department can do all of that for you!

We work with your tax accountant.  We set up your books and give you a monthly, quarterly and yearly report complete with recommendations for improvements and cost savings.

We can develop a training manual, provide sales and customer service training without expensive travel involved. You’ll love our outsourcing capabilities!  Our goal is to make you successful enough that you will want to hire someone fulltime to do what we are doing.  Then you are big enough that you don’t need us any longer!  Cool, huh!

Check back and find out what the second most common reason Small Business owners fail!