Bookkeeping is simply posting the expenses and income that is provided, we also provide monthly meetings to review the data, make recommendations and give advice to better audit your spending and ways to increase income – sort of like having your own CFO on staff once a month to answer questions

Forensic Accounting on the other hand is an in-depth look at the expenditures and income – was it spent correctly? – where did the income come from? – is there correct documentation? is there an audit trail? – does the trail go where it should?

Who uses forensic accounting?
Employers – if they think employees are embezzling from them.
Employers – if they think employees are using a company credit card for personal expense.
Attorneys – if they need to document a case. This can be Estate attorneys as well as Criminal attorneys. White collar crime is on the increase and it is very difficult to untangle most times.  We have worked with Real Estate and Construction Attorneys as well